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Air Duct Cleaning Service

Leading medical authorities, doctors, and allergists acknowledge that poor indoor air quality is a major allergy/disease causing problem. Many prescribe air duct cleaning as a method to remove pollen, dust, pollutants, odors, and allergens and improve indoor air quality. If your home is over a year old, dust particles can cling to every square inch of your air duct system. Both new homes and old homes can benefit from routine air duct cleaning by a professional contractor.  If you’ve recently performed any home renovations it’s also a good time to clean your air ducts to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated.  Our premium duct cleaning system will help eliminate the particles that have built up in your home’s ductwork and will deliver improved air quality.

The Importance of Clean Air Ducts

Indoor air is actually up to 70 times more polluted than outside air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Not only does dust, dander and dirt accumulate in your air ducts, but contaminants from pets, smoke and home remodeling projects can also cause build up. HVAC systems are considered to be the lungs of your home because it takes air in and breathes air out. Dirty ducts can contribute to health issues and cause problems for people with allergies, respiratory health conditions and autoimmune disorders. Air duct cleaning is not just limited to homes…commercial businesses should also participate in routine cleaning to ensure a healthy environment for employees and customers.

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Air Duct Cleaning Service

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